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Natalie Fey

Natalie Fey

Originally from Germany, I’ve studied and then worked in the UK for quite a while now, first arriving in 1994 as a Fresher at Keele University to study for a Joint Honours Degree in Chemistry and Economics. After finishing that, I stayed on at Keele to do a PhD with Prof Jim Howell and Dr Paul Yates, and my thesis was titled “Molecular Modelling of Ferrocenes and Arylphosphines”. In those days I still did some synthetic chemistry, making beautiful coloured ferrocenes, but as the thesis title suggests my course was already set for computational chemistry. My PhD research was funded through a Keele University Graduate Teaching Assistantship and an SCI Messel Scholarship.

I then worked as an EPSRC-funded Postdoctoral Research Fellow with Dr Rob Deeth at the University of Warwick, implementing transition metal molecular mechanics (the LFMM approach) in a commercially available software package called the Molecular Operating Environment, MOE.

In autumn 2003, I came to Bristol and initially worked with Prof Guy Orpen and Dr Jeremy Harvey on an EPSRC-funded project developing a ligand knowledge base (LKB). After a spell as a visiting fellow I then worked on a project applying this work in an industrial context, sponsored by AstraZeneca, which was supervised by Profs Guy Orpen and Guy Lloyd-Jones and Jeremy Harvey.

From Oct. 2007 – Sept. 2012, I held a prestigious EPSRC Advanced Research Fellowship, which has provided me with an opportunity to develop my own direction in research and also to build up a research group… more about them below. From 2008-2010, I was also a co-investigator on the follow-on project on “Predictive Catalysis” funded by AstraZeneca.

I then worked with CatScI Ltd. on developing industrial applications of computational predictions in homogeneous catalysis, as well as teaching on some courses in the SoC at Bristol. When funding ran out in September 2014, I worked on finishing various projects and publishing results, as well as communicating science to non-specialists over at Picture It… Chemistry.

I currently hold an appointment as Lecturer, again in the School of Chemistry at the University of Bristol, and I’m based in the Centre for Computational Chemistry (CCC).

I enjoy kayaking, sailing and walking, but don’t seem to manage to get out there much nowadays. Which leaves crochet, baking, (no dig) gardening (no, really, it’s a thing now, I’m not just tremendously lazy) and reading – nevertheless, there is an outdoorsy person in here somewhere, just waiting for a sunny day off!


  • Pongsathon Boonrod (PhD student in the BCFN CDT, joint with the Faul group)
  • Callum Woof (PhD student in the Catalysis CDT, mainly based in Bath with Dr Ruth Webster, but with involvement from Craig Butts, Emma Richards and Natalie Fey)
  • Rebekah Taylor (Research Broadening Sabbatical in the Catalysis CDT)
  • Harry Morgan (Easter Project in the TMCS CDT)
  • Elena Mogort-Valls, final year UG project on Baeyer-Villiger catalysis
  • Josie Endacott, final year UG project on mapping chemical space
  • Elliot Cross, final year UG project on organometallic reactivity

Past Group Members

  • Dr Claire McMullin, PhD Student 2007-2011
  • Dr Ben Ridgway, Postdoc 2010-2011
  • I also co-supervised Dr Jesús Jover, Postdoc 2008-2010, as part of the Predictive Catalysis Project with AstraZeneca.


  • Maximilian Menche (UG student visitor from Germany)



  • Eloise Hicketts (Summer Vacation project 2016, funded by RSC Small Outreach Project Grant)
  • Mani Latham (Summer Vacation Project 2016, funded by CCP5 bursary)
  • Tom Young (Summer Vacation Project 2016, funded by RSC bursary)


  • Helen Skinner
  • Alex Koumi


  • Lizzie Siese
  • Ben Bayntun
  • Keshan Bolaky
  • Steph Flynn (Summer Vacation Project 2011)


  • Alex Garner
  • Jan Rink (Erasmus)
  • Ben Rawe (Summer Vacation Project 2010)
  • Tim King (Summer Vacation Project 2010)


  • Chris Bentley
  • Gemma Bergin
  • Josh Dyall (until Christmas ’08)
  • Toby Mitchell-Innes
  • Ben Rawe (EPSRC Vacation Bursary, Summer 2009)


  • Will Baber
  • Lukas Wirz (Erasmus)

Last updated on 29th March 2018.

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