Students and visitors 2017-18

Somehow, this academic year has been getting away from me, but here’s a quick overview of my research group over the last few months, and, to be on the safe side, for the next few months as well:

I have supervised three final year undergraduate projects this academic year: Josie Endacott (BSc), who’s been mapping ligand effects on C-N coupling reactions, Elena Mogort-Valls (MSci), working on Baeyer-Villiger reactions and Elliot Cross (MSci), investigating catalysts capable of breaking C-O linkages in ethers. They are all currently writing up their project reports. We have also hosted Maximilian Menche for four weeks earlier this year. He is an undergraduate student in Germany and studied some first-row transition metal catalysts.

There are two PhD students that are shared with other groups: Pongsathon (Nan) Boonrod, who is a BCFN student and jointly supervised with Charl Faul. He is working on the design of nitrogen-rich functional materials, splitting his time between synthesis and computation. I also make a small contribution to Callum Woof’s PhD research. He is a member of the Catalysis CDT, based at the University of Bath with Ruth Webster, and his project focusses on the synthesis and characterisation of iron catalysts. The other parts of the supervisory team are my Bristol colleague Craig Butts, as well as Emma Richards in Cardiff.

Here at Bristol, we are very fortunate to be involved in a range of Centres for Doctoral Training (CDTs), and most of them involve at least one research project as part of the training offered in year 1; students then progress to PhD research in later years. Because of this, I’m currently hosting Rebekah Taylor (Catalysis CDT), who is wrestling with copper catalysis, and Harry Morgan (TMCS), working on iron catalysts. Later in April, after Rebekah and Harry have finished their projects, Derek Durand will join us for his Catalysts CDT research broadening sabbatical.




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