Friday Chemistry Fix – Turmeric

Picture it...

Alright, so life is (too) busy, but since necessity is the mother of many inventions, a new style of post seems better than no post at all. So we bring you <drumroll> a Friday Chemistry Fix, hopefully the start of a number of occasional posts on experiments you can do at home, with only a little bit of chemistry to help you understand what you are seeing.

You will need:

A glass or disposable plastic cup (turmeric can stain, so don’t use you favourite Tommee Tippee mug for this)

A spoon

A suitable work surface (stainless steel sink or a glass surface protector, that kind of thing)

Water (tap is fine)


Kitchen cleaning spray (both Fairy Power Spray and Mr Muscle Kitchen Cleaner worked for me (but this is not an endorsement). You want fairly strong stuff that is soapy, rather than a vinegar-based cleaner.)


You should think…

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