Making Of… Photos on the Sugar Posts

Picture it...

As promised, there is (at least) one more story in the pictures included in our two posts on sugars (which you can find here (part 1) and here (part 2). After the saga of the sugar cane photos from Mexico, our two writers Ana McGuinness and Charles O’Brien still needed a main image, and here is how it came about.

sugar1 Assorted sweets in common laboratory glassware, together with a molecule of sucrose in front.

So, as a quick recap from part 1, our intrepid writers used work contacts of Ana’s Dad in Mexico to source pictures of sugar cane for their competition entry. However, in an editorial quest for visual consistency I suggested that they could combine colourful sweets with laboratory glassware for the main image. Anticipating howls of protest about having to throw away any foods after unwrapping them in the teaching laboratory, I also suggested that…

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