ICOMC XXV, Lisbon (Part 1) and a spell of monkey mind

Monument to Henry the Explorer, Lisbon, Portugal

I’m utilising my current spell of “monkey mind” to generate some posts.

For me, monkey mind manifests itself as an inability to focus on a single topic for any significant stretch of time, whizzing instead between lots of different activities to try and keep things from descending into more chaos. It tends to follow close on the heels of conferences and other trips, and is not helped at all by a backlog of emails, meetings, papers to read and write, an overflow of new ideas from the conference, nor indeed the looming end of Fellowship/new teaching term/different job.

So while I wait for this jumble to settle down again, here are some pictures of friends and collaborators I met up with at the 25th International Conference on Organometallic Chemistry in Lisbon.

Dr Jesús Jover, ICIQ, Tarragona

Dr Giovanni Occhipinti, University of Bergen

And here is one of my favourite photos from this trip, taken after the conference dinner in the Museum of Electricity, where an infrared camera projected images onto the wall. Jason had an insect bite on his arm which was covered in cooling gel. If you look closely on the zoomed in version of the infrared image, you can just see that this is in fact colder than the rest of his arm.

Dr Jason Lynam, University of York

Zoomed in on the insect bite.

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