Welcome to my research pages. I work in the area of computational study of organometallic catalysts, aimed at improving our understanding of the mechanism of catalytic reactions and developing approaches for the screening and optimisation of novel catalysts.

I currently hold an appointment as an Associate Professor and I am based in the Centre for Computational Chemistry in the School of Chemistry (SoC) at the University of Bristol. I have held an EPSRC Advanced Research Fellowship from Oct. 2007- Sept. 2012, which started my independent career, and then spent a lot of my time from 2012-2014 working with CatScI Ltd., looking at industrial applications of computational predictions in homogeneous catalysis, as well as teaching some courses in the SoC. I was appointed as a Leturer in 2015, initially on fixed-term contracts, and promoted to Senior Lecturer in 2018 and to my current role in 2021.

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